Lacey and Stephen

Lacey and Stephen were married last month in Nocona, Texas.  Their wedding was beautiful and the love they have for one another was evident.  It was a pleasure meeting them and shooting their wedding.  Enjoy the sneak peek at their wedding photos!  


Getting ready just before the ceremony starts:






Don’t you love her “something blue?”  I do.Image




All the girls putting on their faces.  You can’t see them all in this shot, but trust me, they were all there.Image


Traditions must be honored.



What a handsome little man.  He was so sweet and well-behaved.



No peeking before the ceremony.  This is as close as they got – a half-wall separated them.  I love this shot, it’s one of my favorites of the day.Image


Isn’t she stunning???



We can’t forget his getting ready shot…






First glimpse of his bride.  I love the look on his face.  He’s in love and has eyes for only her.






Giving his daughter away…Image








Married!!! Congratulations!Image




And a few fun shots to end the post.Image






Stephen & Lacey, I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!  God bless you both and your family.


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My best friend

Lance is a wonderful husband.  He tolerates so much drama from me.  In the 4 years we’ve been together he has nursed me through 4 surgeries and recoveries.  He regularly listens to the complaints about the aches and pains that I still have all the time.  He not only tolerates, but supports me, when I come up with these crazy dreams of being a professional photographer.  I’m an accountant for crying out loud, and he supports my dream of capturing the everyday happy moments in people’s lives with my camera.  He even shoots with me from time to time – a saint, right?.  Oh, and don’t get me started on my cranky, moody behavior when I’m suffering from those aforementioned aches and pains.  Suffice it to say, he’s a prince.

Thank you, my sweet, loving Prince for being so tolerant, so supportive, and so loving of me.  I love you more everyday.

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Yanadira ~ Senior 2011 || Grand Prairie Senior Photography

I’ve known Yanadira her entire life.  I met her dad when I was only 13 years old.  I watched as he fell in love with his wife, married his soulmate, and they started their family.  I’ve cared for her since she was a tiny little baby and watching her turn into the young woman she is now has been an honor.  I’m very proud of her, of her accomplishments in school, and her goals and ambitions for her future.

I tried to find a baby picture of Yanadira so you could see how far she’s come, but the best I could do was this.  She was about 5 years old.  This was the day after her baby sister was born, so she was probably in kindergarten – the start of her academic career.  As she prepares to move on to college in the fall, I’m reminded of the little girl she once was and how far she has come.

Sweet Yoselin, I’m so happy for you and look forward to watching you achieve your goals and live your dream.  Keep reaching for the stars!

Congratulations!  I had to post at least one with the hat for your mom.  Sorry.
I remember this feeling!  Finally done (or so I thought)!

Rawr!  You are gorgeous!  I’m really glad you are going to a women’s college.  Otherwise, I’d be seriously concerned!

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The Newlyweds: Jimmy & Carlotta || Grapevine Wedding Photography

I love weddings. I really love outdoor weddings. And I absolutely love outdoor weddings of people that I adore. Yesterday, I got the privilege of attending the wedding of my dear friend Carlotta and her brand new husband, Jimmy. It was a beautiful ceremony full of love and joy and tears and laughter.

I met Carlotta almost six years ago when she started attending a Bible study group I was leading for single parents. She reached out to me to attend, got scared and didn’t show for a little while, but eventually she was a regular member of the group and it was amazing to watch her faith grow and strengthen over time. A few years later, I made a list of goals. Some little goals. Some BIG goals. Scary goals. Goals I didn’t know if I could achieve or not. Carlotta was my cheerleader as I tried to reach all of those goals over the following few years. One of the goals on that list was “Photograph the wedding of one of my Home Team members.” I’m happy to say that I reached that goal many times over. First was Leigh Ann and Mike. Next was Jeff and Chrissy. And yesterday, after all of her encouragement, it was Carlotta and Jimmy. I wept happy, joyful tears at each one of these weddings, and I give thanks to God Almighty for selecting wonderful spouses for these dear friends over the years. I’m anxious to see who is next from that group.

Thank you, Carlotta, for being my cheerleader and dear friend as I started up my photography business. Thank you for allowing me to be a guest at your wedding, but also for allowing me to bring my camera. You know I couldn’t go anywhere with out it. And Jimmy, thank you. Thank you for loving my friend, for loving her beautiful daughter, and for vowing to do so forever and ever. You are a very blessed man.

Her first glimpse of her groom…

The barely contained emotion as he sees his bride for the first time chokes me up…


Carlotta and Jimmy included their children in the ceremony.  They exchanged gifts and vows with them also.  Luke received a bracelet from Carlotta and Gracyn received a necklace from Jimmy.  It was beautiful and there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere when they were done.

Mr. & Mrs. for the very first time!

Love this one!

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Dälom ~ Dallas Fort Worth Band Photography

You have to go hear Dälom play.  They are amazing!

It’s been a few year since I was able to last photograph them.  They have only gotten better with time.  Make sure to check out their website for the schedule and go enjoy a show.  You won’t regret it.  I promise.

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Lance and I got married last month. I can’t believe it has already been 6 weeks! Time flies when you’re having fun! And we are definitely having fun!

Since my name is no longer Amy Calderon, I thought it prudent to change the company name and website. So, this weekend we are introducing the world to Pink Lizard Photography! I have a new blog to go along with the new site, too. That new blog has already been getting more attention than this one, so scroll through to see any posts you might have missed while we transitioned them over. And many thanks to my buddy, Johnny Z, for designing the brand new logo. Isn’t she pretty?

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Texas Bluebonnets

A few weeks ago my daughter asked me to take pictures of her in the bluebonnets.  Since she rarely asks to have her photo taken very often anymore, I had to oblige.  She invited her best friend’s family to join us for a quick little shoot in the flowers, which just so happened to be on the side of the road in a ditch.  I guess that’s the price one pays for a good shot, right?

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